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Betaglucan (also: beta glukan, beta-glukan, betaglukan, beta glucan, beta-glucan, or just glukan / glucan) a unique natural complex polysaccharide, capable of supporting the organism's defensive response. The supporting effects of Betaglucan are most often used against diseases such as:

Wou can find more informations about Betaglucan benefits on the internet, for example www.betaglukan.eu.

Glucans with the highest biological activity are those whose primary chain is made from glucose molecules connected in position 1,3 and secondary glucose chains connected in position 1,6.

Exactly this active ingredient contain product named GoldCell Betaglucan , produced by Brasilian company Biorigin. It is produced from yeast (saccharomyces cerevisiae) cell walls and its purity is very high (minimum 70%.)

GoldCell Betaglucan has been tested in a lab of University of Lousville (USA) with excellent results.
It is allergen and GMO free.

Below you can find list of GoldCell Betaglucan documents (to download):

Product Data Sheet (Specification)
Example of CoA
Material Safety Data Sheet

GoldCell Betaglucan distributor for Central and Eastern European countries in the pharmaceutical industry is company VIZIAN export import s.r.o.

The price offer will be done on demand (e-mail.: info@vizian.cz).